Two novel essential oils are currently being used to develop Sa Pa Essential's product range. These oils derive from the plants Elsholtzia penduliflora and Elsholtzia blanda. These plants have been used by local H'mong and Dao people for generations for the relief of flu symptoms, muscle and joint aches and pains; and relief from insect bites and stings, respectively. These oils are available as 100% pure essential oils and are also used in our relaxing massage balms and forthcoming soaps. With recipes formulated by Carol Priest Natural Cosmetics in New Zealand using only natural ingredients, the balms harness local traditional knowledge to provide a truly unique experience.

All our products are licensed under Vietnamese national regulations and have been researched and tested in New Zealand.

Current accessories also include our range of beautiful Sa Pa Essential pottery essential oil burners, designed and handmade in the famous Bat Trang village outside of Hanoi. Sa Pa Essentials also produce an environmentally-friendly cotton ‘bag for life,’ incorporating the Sa Pa Essentials logo, that aims to replace the use of plastic bags.

In Australia and New Zealand, research is continuing on other medicinal plant species. One, Acanthopanax trifoliatus, has shown promising results for improving memory and has potential applications for Alzheimer’s sufferers, and plans are to develop a refreshing herbal tea. Another species, Stephania brachyandra, has shown high anti-type II diabetes and anti-cancer (particularly Melanoma skin cancers) activity and an international patent has been taken out on the activity while research continues. In another groundbreaking move this patent has been transferred back to SIMPA so that all intellectual property is held by the farmers.

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