Farmers receive ‘fair trade’ prices for their products to guarantee a fair and equitable income. During the Medicinal Plants Innovation Project , which was a precursor to the business development, prices were set by farmers themselves for the fresh raw material. These crop prices are competitive with other local cash crops, with a higher income than many. The resulting price for the pure essential oil is in line with current market prices for similar essential oils that are developed organically.


Sa Pa Essentials strongly believes that paying 'fair trade' prices to farmers for sustainably harvested plants, and royalties on the sale of their products, is the best mechanism for fair and equitable benefit sharing and local community development.


However, not everyone believes as we do and other producers may attempt to copy our products and sell poorer quality goods at lower i.e. non-fair trade prices. Therefore, SPE restricts the sale of their products to authorised outlets only. For a list of sellers, please visit our contact us page.




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